Boots 2 Africa - Just one of our charity partners


Girls at the charitably funded Walk Centre School in the City of Nakuru, Kenya

Girls at the charitably funded Walk Centre School in the City of Nakuru, Kenya


Millions of children across Africa, have no shoes, for school, life and playing games.

Disease, infections and snakebites kill thousands and injure and incapacitate many others every year. Many others struggle physically and needlessly because of illness caused from infections of the foot.


Thousands of children in the United Kingdom, Europe and other first world countries, discard their football boots at the end of each playing season.

Most boots are adaptable to life in bush towns and urban settlements. Boots2Africa overheads are met by financial donations and the sale of high quality boots not suitable for use; fundraising events and the sale or raffle of high value 'ex professional' sportswear also contributes to the funding.

"As a micro charity still in our infancy at less than 3 years old, we're naturally delighted to have been chosen as a Charity Partner and look forward to working with Stevensons in the coming months and hopefully years" - Iain Finch, Co-Founder, Boots2Africa


Boots2Africa collects, transports and distributes donated boots to Africa's children and young adults through relief organisations.

"Our aim and mission is to recycle and ship 1 million items of preloved and written off boots, trainers and Astros to our carefully chosen benefactors in Africa." - Iain Finch, Co-Founder, Boots2Africa

stevensons support

To help the charity reach their ambitious collection targets, Stevensons will be visiting schools with branded collection bins this summer and will also look to collect through our branches during the Autumn.

"The issue of re-use and recycling is everyone’s problem. We all need to do more, as individuals, as a company and as an industry. That’s why we are working on a number of initiatives that will make a real difference, like our support for Boots2Africa" - Mark Stevenson, Joint Managing Director at Stevensons