August 02, 2021

"It was touch and go if the refurbishment and racking build would be ready before our worldwide supply chain wagons rolled in. In the end it was mission accomplished" - James Harding, Operations Manager, The Stevenson Group

Rocketing growth over the last 18 months left Stevensons, the UK’s largest independent school outfitters, running their own space race ahead of the 2021 Autumn Back-to-School peak.

Ensuring that vital additional warehouse and office space came on-stream ahead of the increase in stock and staffing required to serve their 100’s of new school partners, proved a galactic challenge.

The company’s long-term property acquisition and development strategy had already targeted leased space adjacent to their current St. Albans Head Office to meet their space challenge. However, delivering a sizeable property conversion, refurbishment and refit project in just a few weeks, as the pandemic continued to push many other companies off their plotted course, was a substantial risk.

Having committed to an £400K investment in new space, the race was then on to deliver it in time to meet the increased demands of Back-to-School 2021.

Work on the warehouse was completed in spring 2021, well ahead of the bulk back-to-school supplier deliveries, ensuring there is no bottlenecks in this year’s supply chain management.

What has physically changed?

An additional 7,500 sq.ft. of warehouse space has been created, adding room to house over 150,000 more garments.

An additional 1,800 sq.ft. of office space, with room for an additional 22 employees, allows the gradually returning Head Office Team spacious new work and backstage areas to enable socially distanced working, for those wishing to travel into the office.




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