Old School Uniform - Wear it, don't bury it!

It is already a known fact that children can quickly outgrow their school uniforms - usually before they are worn out.

Old School Uniform is an online platform where you can give away or sell second hand school uniforms.

It's free to use and has been designed to connect local school communities in a practical way.

So, if you have school uniforms that your kids have out-grown, no longer use or have never worn, or if you are looking for a second hand school uniform for your child, this is the place to start.


"Give a little, help a lot" - Andrea Grant, Founder of Old School Uniform website


The Old School Uniform website was founded in 2018 by concerned parents Andrea and Andrew.

Their daughter was midway through her secondary school life when the school decided to change their school uniform. Not only were they stuck with a school uniform that she could no longer wear, but they had to buy another one. Their daughter, was also a bit of a tomboy, so the skirt they'd bought had gone untouched. So, they were stuck with a skirt that had no chance of ever being worn. 

The school concerned didn't have an easy or obvious way of helping parents to ensure that the perfectly usable items could be 'passed on', rather than 'binned' and sent to a landfill.

 So the idea of the 'Old School Uniform' website was born!


Believing that this was a national plight that faced many parents, Andrea Grant and Andrew decided they would do something practical to try and rectify the situation.

So, using the knowledge and expertise from her day job as a Digital Development Manager, Andrea Grant set about creating a website that enables parents to easily search for specific school clothing items by school name at highly reduced prices or even for free.


The website also allows parents to place a notice describing what item they are looking for, even if it's not currently listed on the site. This allows other parents know that there is a ready home for items they maybe thinking of simply throwing away.


In these tough economic times, it is difficult to kit out children in brand new school uniforms at the start of every academic year. As parents themselves Andrea Grant and Andrew fully understand how critical it is to ensure that fellow parents hard-earned money is stretched as far as possible. It's also good ecological sense to make sure that school uniform items that children may have outgrown in only a few months or terms are re-cycled, rather than adding to the clothing landfill mountains which are being generated by the current taste for 'fast-fashion' clothing.

"Not only does making use of unused and second-hand clothing have a fantastic impact on your pocket, it also strengthens the community and plays an essential role in sustaining our precious environment and protecting our natural resources. A win-win situation for everyone!" - Andrea Grant, Founder of Old School Uniform


To try and broaden the awareness of this fantastic parent initiative, Stevensons are providing both financial and practical support to make sure the message reaches as many schools and parents as possible.

"The issue of re-use and recycling is everyone’s problem. Even though we concentrate on providing products that are long-lasting – after all, school uniform has to be some of the hardest working types of clothing out there – we all need to do more, as individuals, as a company and as an industry." - Mark Stevenson, Joint Managing Director, Stevensons