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Like most companies, when advertising budgets are tight, the focus turns to promote quality, value and service.

This autumn, however, Mark Stevenson, Joint Managing Director of Stevensons, had more pressing eco-issues he wanted to air.

"As sponsors of the Schoolwear Association Sustainability Award 2019, we felt the need to lead from the front by promoting our practical approach to sustainability direct to our school partners this autumn."

- Mark Stevenson, Joint Managing Director, Stevensons

So, this autumn we have switched our advertising spend to focus on eco-issues with a new ‘Sustainable Stevensons’ campaign. The new adverts will appear in a range of education titles in September and October

The aim of the campaign is to raise the profile of recycling and re-use directly with schools across the country. Also, for schools to see the initiatives as a way of promoting eco-values to their pupils, as well as differentiating between companies that are taking positive action to protect the environment and those that aren’t.

By demonstrating a practical approach to getting involved, Stevensons hopes to influence pupils and their parents; the ultimate aim being to help reduce the 300,000 tonnes of clothing that goes to landfill annually in the UK.

"We believe it is time that schoolwear suppliers and retailers took a more active approach to sustainability; communicating directly with our school partners on how they can make a practical difference to re-use and recycling."

- John Stevenson, Joint Managing Director, Stevensons

Earlier this year, following a drive to expand the scope of its sustainability activities, Stevensons launched three key initiatives.

 1) To promote recycling of school uniforms by supporting the parent created website, Old School Uniform.

2) To reduce the type and amount of virgin plastic we currently use. Initially, we are replacing all carrier and mailbags we use with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable versions. Additionally, we are also increasing the range of garments we make from recycled materials.

3) Finally, we have partnered with Boots2Africa; a charity that collects, transports and distributes donated boots to Africa’s children and young adults through relief organisations.