Appointments - Summer 2020, your questions answered

This summer we are offering more appointments than ever before, at most of our stores. But we will be operating in a very different way to normal.

We have added in lots of additional safety measures to keep our customers and staff safe.

As we are encouraging customers, particularly those with children starting at a new school, to book an appointment, we have had lots of questions about how exactly we will be operating and what precautions we have adopted that are different to previous years.

Designated fitting areas in store

Designated fitting areas in store


A: We are initially opening our stores by appointment only for new starters, we will then launch a period of appointments for all pupils and finally end the summer by re-opening our branches for walk-in customers as normal.

A: It will depend on the store you are visiting. Some are larger than others and are therefore safely able to undertake more appointments at any one time. It varies between 2 and 8 per store at any one time.

A: No, please wait outside the store and wait to be checked off by a member of staff before you enter. Please be sure to maintain social distancing outside the store in an orderly queue.

A: Unfortunately, we can only accommodate one adult and one child for each appointment.

A: No, unfortunately we don't have space in store for multiple children at the same time. If you have more than one child who needs a fitting you will need to book an appointment for each child, it is possible to book two appointments at the same time to avoid needing to return to the branch again.

A: Unfortunately, if you are more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, we will need to cancel it, as it will have a knock-on impact to appointments for the rest of the day. So, please be on time and book another appointment if you are unavoidably delayed.

A: Please cancel any appointment you can't make via your online account. This will free up the space for other parents and their children.

A: Please cancel your any appointment you no longer need, via your online account on our website. We only have limited capacity throughout the summer, so cancelling any unneeded appointment will provide space for other parents and their children.

A: Yes, we have introduced many new processes to keep both our staff and customers safe. You will see hand sanitising stations on entry to all our stores, floor markers showing fitting areas and giving guidance on social distancing, as well as operating a cashless checkout where possible, and increased cleaning throughout our stores.

A: No, our friendly sales advisors will size your child by eye. They will ask for your assistance when your child is trying garments on that may need to be adjusted to see they fit correctly.

A: Items ordered online will be sent from our warehouses and are normally straight out of their packaging. Items tried on during fittings may have been tried on previously, however all items tried on during a fitting go through our sanitising process and will not re-enter our shop stock until safe to do so.

A: If you feel that you want to take additional precautionary measures please do so.

A: Please use our hand-sanitation stations at the entrance of our stores and remain within your allocated fitting area for the duration of your appointment to help support the branch with socially distancing all who are inside. If you are feeling unwell, please cancel your appointment and re-book when safe to do so.

A: Walk-in Customers will be welcomed at the end of the summer however we still recommend buying online as it will be likely you may need to queue while we continue to monitor the number of customers in our stores to maintain safe social distancing.

A: Absolutely! With everyone doing their best to reduce the need to visit multiple different locations this year we have done our best to continue being able to offer sports equipment, shoes, stationary and much more. Please just ask your fitting advisor if you cannot see something you’d like to purchase.

A: We have organised appointments in each of our stores around the availability of the stock of each individual schools’ uniform/sportswear, as deliveries have been interrupted due to the worldwide impact of the virus. Concentrating schools in certain weeks will also make it quicker and easier to organise our sales floor to concentrate on specific schools each week.

A: It’s important to keep to booking appointments in the advised period/week for your school. If this really isn’t possible, please contact our branch Customer Service Team who will do their best to find an alternative date for you to visit.

A: Please make sure that your child is wearing thin base layer type garments. This will make it easier for staff to estimate the sizes that will be right for your child, it will also limit skin to garment contact and will mean you can choose to dress your child outside of the fitting pods if you wish.

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to open our toilet facilities to the public this year.

A: It would be advisable to leave some room for growth in the items that you buy when you attend the appointment. Stevensons operates an industry leading 120 day returns policy, so if you think your child will not fit into it at the start of the term, you can still buy with confidence now.

A: No, if we are out-of-stock of an item that you need we will be able to place an order for it for you at the appointment and it can then be delivered to your home address when it is back in stock.

A: Following government advice we are not making it mandatory for our Staff to wear face covering. Gloves and face shields may be worn for some activities in store. Our Staff are more than happy to wear a mask for your appointment if you would like them to, so please feel free to ask.

A: Yes. There are clear markings on the floor.

A: To try and assist you getting to our stores quickly and safely, there are directions on our website ( we have also added links to available parking information provided by local authorities. Generally, unfortunately there is little opportunity to park directly next to our stores.

A: Yes, the NHS advises that to stop everyday items spreading germs, a normal wash will be very effective at reducing the risk of transmitting any infection. So, you may want to invest in a few ‘spares’ of regularly worn items like shirts; blouses; polo’s; trousers and skirts. For larger items such as blazers we do offer a garment disinfectant spray that can be used safely on these items.

A: Ideally we too are asking for customers to use ‘contactless payments’ where possible.

A: Yes, please bring proof of employment with you (ID Card or letter from the school) and our team will be happy to process for you.

A: Yes, however if your voucher expired during lock-down we will need to re-issue you a new Voucher- please contact our branch customer service team prior to your visit so we can get this activated for you.

A: This is something Stevensons are looking to launch in the coming weeks- however following government advice we have installed social distancing markers at our till points and launched new ‘check out’ processes for our store teams which will also reduce the virus transmission.

A: Our staff will be cleaning each changing room/pod after each appointment, however with children arriving in thin base layer clothing it is possible to be fitted outside the rooms without their modesty being affected, if you wish.

A: All our stores (excluding our boutique branch in Harpenden) have floor level wheelchair friendly access. It is not necessary to contact the branch before your appointment however our stores will be more than happy to discuss any specific requirements you do have in order to make the fitting experience as smooth as possible for you.