August 11, 2021

"Having seen the dedication and increased productivity of many of our employees who were unable to travel into the office, has given me a new perspective, encouraging me to take a healthier approach to how we manage" - John Stevenson, Co-CEO, The Stevenson Group
"I’ve been able to ditch the daily two-hour commute, along with the financial costs of train and bus travel. I’m sure I’m now more productive and focused as I’m trusted to do my job almost exclusively from home. Which is far better for me, my family and my mental health" - Ian Blazeby, Head of Marketing, Stevensons

The conversion to working from home, as the pandemic continued, threw up human challenges.

The Stevenson family, the third generation of which currently own and run the company, have now embraced the positive feedback that they received from many employees, by encouraging a change to the underlying presenteeism that pervades much traditional office working.

A fresh approach is now being introduced to allow staff at Head Office to complete their contracted hours at any point between 7.00am -5.30pm between Monday and Friday, giving rise to the advent of a potential 4-day week, with an allocation of the work undertaken from home, where the role allows.

Allows the gradually returning Head Office Team spacious new work and backstage areas to enable socially distanced working, for those wishing to travel into the office.

What are the main benefits?

  • A reduced environmental footprint for the many employees who are able to take advantage of the offered opportunity to work more from home, reducing the use of single person car commutes.
  • Empowering staff to actively manage their workload and to decide for themselves a flexible approach to deliver their responsibilities across a shorter or longer working day.
  • Increased use of time-saving, environmentally friendly technology to enable secure and efficient remote working. 
  • Happier and healthier Stevensons staff.

What’s the delivery timetable?

The new approach to flexible working is being agreed with individuals, as restrictions are lifted, as the company moves to a new ‘office’ normal.


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