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Dynamic Design

Stevensons redefine the standard for schoolwear and sports kit. With a focus on the detail and unmatched design flair, we specialise in crafting designs tailored to the unique identity and budget of each school partner. Our team of experienced designers collaborates closely with schools to create looks that not only embody their ethos but also foster a sense of pride and unity among students. From classic blazers and traditional kilts, to cutting-edge performance sportswear we combine craftmanship with innovation to deliver garments of unmatched quality and style.

At Stevensons we understand that a well-designed uniform is more than just clothing – it’s a symbol of belonging. That’s why we source materials tailor-made for the schoolwear market and employ rigorous quality control measures to ensure that every garment meets our exacting standards. Whether it’s incorporating school colours and logos or integrating advance moisture-wicking fabrics for sports teams, we take pride in our ability to transform concepts into reality. With a reputation for excellence built on years of delivering superior service and products, Stevensons is the first choice for schools.

Seamless Transition

Transitioning from one uniform supplier to another can be a complex process, requiring careful planning, communication, and execution. At Stevensons, we understand the importance of a seamless transition, and we are committed to ensuring that the switch from your current retailer is managed with efficiency, professionalism, and minimal disruption. Through proactive communication, tailored solutions, and dedicated support, we work closely with schools to streamline the transition process and deliver a positive experience for all stakeholders involved.

The key to a successful transition is detailed planning and open communication. Prior to the switch, our team collaborates closely with stakeholders and parents to understand their needs, preferences, and expectations. Through regular meetings, workshops, and consultations, we gather valuable insights and feedback that inform our approach and ensure alignment with the school's goals and requirements. Additionally, we provide clear timelines, milestones, and action plans to keep all parties informed and engaged throughout the transition process.

We know that every school is unique, and we recognise the importance of tailoring our solutions to meet the specific needs and preferences of each school partner. Whether it's customising uniforms to match school brand guidelines or streamlining uniform ranges, we work closely with schools to design a range that reflects their identity and ethos. Our extensive range of products and services, coupled with our commitment to quality and excellence, allows us to deliver customised solutions that exceed expectations and add value to the transition process.

As the transition date approaches, we focus on ensuring a seamless integration of our services and systems into the school's operations. Our dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to set up online ordering platforms, establish communication channels, and train staff on each schools uniform and kit list.

Throughout the transition process, we maintain transparent communication and encourage feedback from all stakeholders involved. We provide regular updates on progress, address any queries promptly, and seek input from school staff, parents and students to ensure their needs are met and expectations are exceeded. By fostering a culture of open dialogue and collaboration, we build trust and confidence among all parties and lay the foundation for a successful partnership moving forward.

Our commitment to excellence does not end with the transition; it is an ongoing journey of continuous delivery and partnership. We remain dedicated to providing exceptional service, quality products, and innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of schools and their communities. Through regular reviews, assessments, and feedback sessions, we seek opportunities to enhance our offerings and strengthen our relationship with schools, ensuring mutual success and long-term sustainability.

First in class, all round.

When it comes to school uniform and sportswear, families are seeking convenience, value for money and quality. Multi- channel retailing bridges the gap between traditional brick –and-mortar stores and the digital realm. By excelling in first-class customer service both in person and online, we provide school partners with an unrivalled experience that ensures their entire school community is catered for.


Our easy to use, intuitive website enables busy parents to shop on the go whether they are looking for their school’s compulsory garments, additional extras or to add name tapes to their order, it only takes a few clicks to purchase everything they need.


Our customers truly value the opportunity to speak to someone regarding their uniform requirements. Our in-store and customer service staff are all rigorously trained internally to the highest of standards, making the 1-2-1 experience that parents receive top notch!

Our high street shops are where school uniform shopping transcends the ordinary and becomes an experience of expertise and community.. From personalised shopping appointments, to a wide variety of every day school essentials, we have got all parents requirements covered for a one stop shop experience.


Pop Up Events

If your school isn’t located within a short distance of one of our high street shops, we will bring the Stevensons experience to you!
Located right within the school premises, our pop-up events offer unparalleled convenience for parents. Whether it's during parent-teacher conferences, transition events, or designated event days by eliminating the need for additional travel or coordination, our pop-up events make it easier than ever to access school uniform & sportswear without disrupting daily routines.

Beyond shopping, our pop up events serve as hubs of community engagement and interaction. By bringing parents and students, and school staff together in a shared space, these events foster connections and collaboration among members of the school community and their uniform/sportswear supplier. Whether it's chatting with fellow parents, sharing school memories, or meeting teachers, our pop-ups provide a welcoming environment that encourages meaningful interactions and strengthens the sense of belonging and community spirit within the school.


At Stevensons, we go beyond supplying core uniform and sportswear to offer a comprehensive range of additional products tailored to your school or club. Our extensive selection includes sublimated games shirts, weatherproof outerwear and even chef’s whites! We understand the importance of brand representation with all items able to be personalised through either embroidery or print with your logo, school/club name, squad number or position.

Our Wholesale team have extensive experience in sourcing garments and equipment for a wide range of uses, providing advice and suggestions as to what best suits each customer’s needs. To enquire as to our extenstive range, please contact the team via email [email protected].

For high performance sportswear & teamwear requirements our sister brand Playerlayer incorporate classic design with durable, eco friendly fabrics to create kit that is built to last. To find out more, visit their site

For bespoke sportswear at outstanding value for money our sister brand XXV sportswear is the perfect partner to create distinctive looks that don’t break the bank. With a wide range of products that encourage inclusivity within sport, XXV has everything you need to embody your school’s brand and create a sense of pride within your school/club community. To find out more, visit and contact one of their dedicated team.

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