Meet some of our new team....

January 19, 2017

Catch up with a couple of our new team members

At Stevensons we still believe in the importance of personal service, which has been a major factor in building the business for over 90 years.

Focusing on offering great service to both our school and business partners, as well as parents, starts with recruiting the right type of people to the 'Stevensons' team.

In the last few weeks were pleased to have recruited some top new we thought you might like to know a bit about them.

If you want to look at joining us also, keep up-to-date with our current vacancies on our Careers page.


Liz (Senior Account Manager)

Tell us about your background and experience?

I’m from St. Albans area but have lived in Northampton for past 17 years and I'm very pleased to now be living back “home”.

I’ve been in sales for over 30 years selling everything from a parcel service to Vodka!

What hobbies do you pursue outside of work?

Horse riding and I’ve just started to learn Salsa dancing…but I enjoy anything that’s fun!

Favourite/worst school dinner?

All dinners were Yuk.

What's your favourite item of school uniform that Stevensons sell?

The tartan skirts look nice

Sum yourself up in a sentence?

Game for a laugh, you only live once so live it.





Abigail (Senior Account Manager)

Tell us about your background and experience?

After attending school and sixth form at St Albans Girls School, I went to The University of Brighton and acquired a first-class honours degree in Hospitality Management. I have over two years Account Management experience in research, both nationally and internationally.

Most interesting fact about yourself?

I ran Brighton Marathon in April 2016.

Best School memory?

My primary school teacher in year 5 – He made school enjoyable by making learning interesting and thought-provoking.

Favourite/worst school dinner?

Favourite – Chips, as they were only served on a Friday. Worst – Mac and cheese.

Favourite School uniform that Stevensons sell and why?

St Albans Girls School - I find it interesting to see how the uniform has evolved over time.

Sum yourself up in a sentence?

I am hardworking, motivated and always willing to learn new things.

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