Transformative investment in I.T.

December 01, 2020

"Significant I.T. investment during these difficult retailing times, shows both our commitment to improve internal process and data management, as well the supporting our current growth and reinforcing our future aspirations" - John Stevenson, Joint CEO The Stevenson Group
"The overhaul and replacement of our silo created legacy systems, with an integrated solution, will provide a robust, flexible and holistic platform that will improve operational efficiency and business information both now and in the future" - Martin Kitwood, Head of I.T, The Stevenson Group

The Stevenson Group have committed to invest half a million pounds over the next 5 years to significantly upgrade their core software systems. The scale of the change will see the replacement of the myriad of standalone current purchase, stock and selling systems, with a completely new integrated software solution.

What will change?

Existing purpose-built systems introduced nearly a decade ago will be replaced by a fully integrated new platform, that will include a rebuilt website.

The new software will be tailored to the unique retailing nuances of the schoolwear industry. The new platform will also be able to adapt and grow as The Stevenson Group continues to change.

What are the main benefits for the company?

All areas of the company will access and use the same data in order that Buying, Merchandising, Warehousing, Retail and Selling functions are integrated seamlessly. The integrated nature of the new platform will greatly enhance the efficiency of interdepartmental processes.

What customer benefits will there be?

  • More accurate stock visibility and tighter purchasing control will improve product availability in stores and online.
  • New warehouse processes will reduce turnaround times, including faster returns, as well as providing improved information on the status of customer orders and returns.
  • New till systems in stores will provide integration with customers online accounts, as well as aiding the speed of till processing.
  • CRM style processes will integrate directly with schools, suppliers and customers.
  • Improved website and product content online, wrapped in an easy to navigate interface which will run faster, due to implementation of modern technologies.
  • Better customer services functionality, integrating actions directly with the warehouse.
  • Greater ability to respond to popular demand for new payment options such as Klarna and Paypal.

What’s the delivery timetable?

Work has already started, with the new system already in the ‘build’ phase. Launch is targeted for early May 2021.

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