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Starting a new school can be daunting for you and your child, but Stevensons are here to help to make buying their uniform and sportswear a stress-free experience.

Call us for advice on 01727 815700. Our expert staff will be happy to talk to you about your child's individual needs.


Measure your child beforehand, use our sizing guide for each garment and measurement notes and have a list of all the school's requirements to hand. Sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and our sizing guide shows the size ranges for our most popular styles. If your size range is not shown, please call for advice on the above number.

Please order in plenty of time, particularly if you think you may need clothes altered or made to order. Our branches and despatch teams are naturally busiest at the end of the school holidays so avoid these times if possible.

Remember we have a 180 day returns policy so if your child has a growth spurt before the start of term you can exchange items easily later on.*exclusions apply.

This really depends on how often you do laundry, and how messy your child is!

Polo Shirts: When worn under pinafores or jumpers may not need to be changed every day, and school socks tend to go missing in the wash so best to buy a few more pairs than your laundry cycle.

Ties: These have a tendency to get lost, so often parents like to keep a spare to avoid consequences at school. Some schools have a quantity requirement for certain items and this will be listed on our site.

Tights: We sell different denier tights to allow for different seasons. The higher the denier, the thicker the tights e.g. 70 denier is quite thick, 40 denier is finer and 15 denier is quite sheer e.g. for Summer wear.

Special sizes: We can arrange for items outside of our stocked size range to be made, but they are unable to order on the website.

If you need a special size, please contact our customer services team by phone on 01727 815700 or by email [email protected] to discussion your requirements and place your order. You will need to allow 12 weeks from order to delivery. Please be aware that orders placed by special request are non-returnable and non-refundable.  

Alterations: Some of our branches can arrange alterations for you - please contact customer services to discuss. NB: we cannot alter pleated skirt lengths.

Personalisation: Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for printing or embroidery. This can take slightly longer in peak times.

Name Tapes: Order well in advance to have plenty of time to sew or iron them on before the beginning of term. Iron-on name tapes can be produced at our stores on the day they are ordered, sew in tapes take up to a week to be delivered.

Blazer: When fitting a blazer, make sure you wear all additional layers underneath. The sleeves of the blazer should finish on the first knuckle of the thumb, it will sometimes be required to fold the sleeve hem inside the sleeve to achieve this (and allow for growth).

Unisex Blazers: Some schools have unisex blazers which are sold with buttonholes on both sides and buttons supplied ready for you to sew on whichever side is required. Simply sew up the buttonhole (on the left as worn for girls and right for boys) and sew the button over the top.

Spare Buttons: Can be supplied on request.

Waist Sizing: Always measure the waist at the natural waistline, not where the waistband of the item will sit. For skirts, trousers and PE shorts, this measurement (in inches) will equate to the required size.

Skirt Length: Many schools have very specific requirements so please bear this in mind and refer to your schools' regulations.

Coats: Make sure to leave plenty of room when wearing over a blazer.

When fitting sports shoes, your child should be standing. Aim for a gap of one thumbnail between end of toe and shoe.

Football Boots: Try on with sports socks. Usually bought a size bigger than school shoes.

Ballet Shoes: Should be two sizes bigger than normal shoes as they come up rather small.

Hockey Sticks: Only come right-hand as the game is only played right-handed. When choosing a hockey stick, the stick itself should come up to your hip.

Lacrosse Sticks: Only come in one size.

Tennis Rackets: Sizing is based on height for children, and grip size only for adult.

Cricket Bats: Sizing is based on height for children and comfort factor for adults.

Cricket Gloves: Available either right or left-handed.

Cricket Pads: These are ambidextrous and supplied in different sizes. NB: wicket keepers require specific pads.

Safety Boot studs: Remember to buy safety studs if using football boots to play rugby.

Carrying Kit: Consider how your child will carry their kit - sports holdall or rucksack.

Safety Gear: Remember your safety gear - we supply safety studs, shin pads, mouth-guards, headgear, goggles etc.

Keeping items clean: A boot bag is really handy to keep muddy boots away from the rest of the kit.